Our Philosophy
Security is NOT EXPENSIVE because we protect what is important to you ONLY using appropriate design basis threat approach.

We are not just installers but SECURITY SPECIALISTS.

SITSECURE LTD is a company with extensive expertise aims to provide design and implementation of Intelligent Asset Protection Systems (IAPS).

As a leader in the Nigeria electronic security industry, SITSECURE understands that a combination of preventive, monitored, and reactive integrated security measures represents the best approach to providing a secure and safe living or working environment.  We offer a comprehensive approach to recommend security measures through in-depth understanding of the potential vulnerability and risks analysis called Professional Risk Survey.

Our expertise in technology-driven solutions’ DESIGN, INSTALLATION and INTEGRATION in addition to partnership with World’s leading security equipment vendors has helped us to develop capabilities to serve our clients better than any other related companies.

We carefully assess the security needs of every client and provide comprehensive solutions.

Through commitment to PEOPLE, PROTOCOL and TECHNOLOGY, we lead the way in providing value to our customers and other stakeholders by INTREGRATING SYSTEMS for SAFE LIVING.